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Everplans organizes the details of your life for you and keeps you one step ahead of what you need to do next. No more sticky notes, dusty binders, and outdated files. An Everplan gets your household and life organized. Everplans guides you through it all: From sharing your Will and insurance documents with the right people in your life, to making sure your family knows how to work the new thermostat. Our smart digital vault is built to securely store all this vital information in an encrypted and quickly accessible manner, and our smart sharing capabilities are engineered to give your family easy access to the information they need, when they need it.

Organize family documents, IDs, vital info, and accounts. 84% of people are less productive when they feel disorganized. 86% of people are less stressed when they are organized. 65% of people feel anxious when critical information is all over the place. Let our smart planning system help you organize your life, one task at a time.

When you set up your Everplans, we ask you a series of questions so we can customize your Everplan and your Everplan Dashboard. With your customized Everplan you have a simple single solution designed just for you. Everplans guides and motivates you to complete bite-size tasks that take no more than five minutes, so becoming better organized is super doable and rewarding, and is custom designed for you

We are very serious about your security and realize that you trust Everplans with the most important information and documents you own. Your information is encrypted and protected with industry-leading technology and security.

Secure & organized – Organize and securely store your family’s vital documents and personal wishes.
• Emergency Ready – Have all your important information readily accessible in an emergency situation
• Easy setup – We walk you through everything you need to do to get a plan in place.

Everplans brings all the pieces of your world together in one secure place, from your personal information and IDs to your financial, legal and health information – even treasured family memories and recipes.
• Personal Info and IDs
• Digital
• Home & Property
• After I’m Gone
• Address Book
• Health
• Family and Loved Ones
• Aging

Start using EVERPLANS Software now to create your personal Everplan and save yourself time and energy by using an organized system for your documents and information. Update passwords, legal changes, home & property, ID’s, personal information, health and insurance, financial records, and more as life changes occur.

Name your deputies in your Everplan and give access to certain information you want each deputy to have so they can quickly execute your wishes when you are gone. Let Advisors review your plan and offer advice.

Computer: 1 GHz or higher • Operating System: Windows 8.1/10/11 or Mac OS 10.13 or higher • Internet Connection

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